Breganze Pinot Grigio

Breganze is just to the west of Venice, sitting within the region of Veneto an area that produces more DOC wine than any other Italian region; and best known for producing Friulano based wines rather than Pinot Grigio. Cantina Beato Bartolomeo is a cooperative of around 180 growers and has concentrated its efforts in the last few years on increasing the quality of all aspects of their winemaking. The co-op rewards its members by analysing the grapes coming in and sharing out the proceeds in proportion to the quality delivered. So the better the grapes the more the growers receive.
A vibrant Pinot Grigio that offers much more character and class than many of the bulk produced wines from Veneto. On the nose there is a mild citrus fruit flavours and some subtle floral aromas, on the tastebuds there is a greater intensity of flavour with delicious floral, honeysuckle aromas and crisp lemongrass and citrus fruit all creating a complex palate. Good acidity helps create a clean, refreshing wine.

La Toledana Gavi

The white wines of the town of Gavi in Piedmont have been dubbed the Chablis of Italy, due to their fresh, steely minerality. An odd epitaph given the differences between Chardonnay, the classic king of Burgundy and Cortese the simple elegant varietal that produces Gavi. Although the phrase harks more to the crisp minerality of both more than anything else.

Wines from the vineyards closest to the town are labelled Gavi di Gavi, which show Cortese at it’s best; to add greater complexity this wine is harvested late in the year.  Not so late to produce a sweeter style due to high sugar levels, but this does produce elegant and intense scents of ripe white fruits and exotic fruits, flowers, acacia honey undertones.